Frequently asked questions

A postbox is missing, how do I add it?

Firstly, we love you. Our information is updated by you our fellow letter posters. Without you this site would fall on it's arse.

To update a postbox search for the rough location using the form on the homepage and click the 'toggle map' button at the top to exit fullscreen. Once you're there, click the button just below the map titled 'Found a new postbox in this area?'. We're making strides.

Next, you'll see a new map with a blue 'plus' map pin. You can drag this around to a more exact location. Once you've done that add any information you know using the form on the left hand side. Confirm you're not a robot and Bob is your proverbial Uncle.

A postbox is wrong, how do I update it?

You're our hero, we couldn't possibly update all of the changes we receive so we thank you for looking how to update this free public service.

If you find a postbox is incorrect, click the red pin of the postbox that is wrong. Here you will see a 'Update postbox' button. Give it a good ol' clicking.

Once on this page you can update the information on the left handside.

Congratulations, you might have just spared someone from a late birthday card.

A postbox has been removed, what do I do?

Exactly the same as above!

Your website homepage says there are XXX,XXX,XXX number of postboxes in the U.K., is that true?

Unfortunately not, this is the number of postboxes that we have plotted on a map for our visitors (found).

Couldn't find your location?

In order for this website to track your location accurately, you will be required to use a modern browser. If an error occurred while searching for your location it may well be time to update. We would strongly recommend that you upgrade to a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

How does this work?

It uses alot of magic and a whole heap of mumbo jumbo, but basically it takes the location you enter and matches it to the closest latitude and longitude in our database. Once the information is returned it plots the shortest route on Google Maps.