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Terms of use

Local Postbox is a free to use service that locates and displays the locations of postboxes nationwide. It's purpose is to provide you with the closest postbox to your current location. At times the database may return or contain inaccurate data and we ask that you do not rely on this service for important matters.

Website Data

As far as we are aware the data is accurate, useful and non-harmful. We cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors, inaccurate locations, indecent content, offensive content or otherwise objectionable content.

Amending Data

From time to time Royal Mail change their collection times and mysteriously remove post boxes. RIP, postbox. And as such we rely on our users to let us know when our data is incorrect. On the amend form we allow the option to submit your email address, our sole intention is to update you on when the data you've provided us with has been updated. Your details will never be sold or passed on to another party. We may however update you on new products Pixelfoo believe you may find useful.

Google Maps

Here is a link to Google's term of use for their maps api.


By using the site you agree to indemnify the owners of Local Postbox from and against any and all claims, including any fee's or indemnities incurred by your use of the Website, including but not limited to out of your violation this Agreement.

Privacy Policy

Local Postbox will always do its upmost to respect your privacy. It doesn't collect any personal data nor will it ask you for any personal information unless it explicitly needs it (location for finding postboxes). Local Postbox is also in no way associated with the Royal Mail.

Traffic Statistics

To track the performance of the site, Local Postbox does use analytic software to collect data on visitor trending and peak usage, however this information is private and will not be shared with any 3rd party. Any information that is collected is not personally identifiable, and you remain completely anonymous.


At times ads may be places on the site using advertising partners who may choose to set cookies, these can be disabled using settings in your choice of browser.


This site will inevitably be updated on a regular basis to better improve the service we provide. This may include changes to the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.